Beginners Guide: Where To Find Freelance Work

Freelance workers know that freelancing means dealing with uncertainties. Sometimes we get tons of work, but sometimes we just get no projects in one or two months. That can be challenging. Nevertheless, finding freelance work is relatively easy today. Continue reading to find out more. You don’t have to wait and hope that the phone… Read More »

Top 10 Must-Have Tools For Freelancers

Freelancers must do a lot of work. Not only that you have your clients tasks on your back, you also have to run your own business. Freelancers operate just like a small business, you have to take care of your legal work, project proposals, invoicing, tax work, marketing, answering to emails and so on. This… Read More »

What To Do With Bad Clients: I Fired My Client

That’s right, I fired my client. It wasn’t an easy decision, after all we all need clients to survive as freelancers. The thing is, we need to know when to say it’s enough. During my freelance career, I have met and worked with all kinds of clients, but never until now was I in a… Read More »

How To Create a Quiz in Moodle the Easy Way

Moodle LMS is one of the best Open Source LMS platforms out there. The design requires some time getting used to it’s navigation and functionalities. It is used in Higher education,  K12, corporate training, depending on the organizations needs. Those of you who worked with Moodle know how great it is having a robust system… Read More »